As technology changes, so do the “rules” of apps, games, social media, etc. Parents, let’s use discussions to teach our teens and tween principles of using devices and social media!

Principles of Technology and Social Media Use for Teens and Tweens

Teach your teen/tween principles for handling technology.  After all, the rules change.  The principles stay the same.  Part One focuses on creating boundaries, balance, and other life skills.

Principles of Technology and Social Media use for Teens/Tweens Part 2

Rather than updating the rules, our family learned the power of teaching our teen and tween principles for using ever-changing technology and social media.  Part Two enters the realm of emotions and critical thought.  These principles rely on developing social intelligence, empathy, and other character traits in our more mature adolescents.

75+ Social Media and Technology Questions for Discussions with Teenagers and Preteens

Is your goal to develop your teen/tween’s own thinking over time?  These discussions are how we prepare and practice the strategies for independent self-regulation on devices and social media.

Teens, technology, and the law

Are the horrifying statistics and examples of trouble with teens and an internet connection real? Navigating the Years asks a police officer for the truth about teens, technology, and the law!

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75+ Technology Questions for Discussions with Your Teen or Preteen - Download!