As thoughtful parents of teens and tweens, we read books on brain development and psychology to inform our parenting. We also encourage our teens and preteens to read helpful books to develop themselves.    After all, we strive to be life-long learners!

Smart Money, Smart Kids Review of Financial Principles to teach Your Teen or Tween

Smart Money, Smart Kids:  A Review

Change your child’s financial future with this book!  Smart Money, Smart Kids is told by Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze as their family rebuilt their lives on Biblical financial principles after bankruptcy.  This book covers all ages, but many concepts are helpful to parents of tweens and teens.

Raise a teen or tween with empathy!

Give Your Teen/Tween the “Empathy Advantage”

Give your teen or tween the “Empathy Advantage”: Read Unselfie by Michelle Borba and be part of the solution to end bullying, narcissism, and self-centeredness.

A Review of the 5 Love Languages for Teens (and Tweens)

Love:  The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Teen or Tween

The 5 Love Languages for Teenagers helps us fill our teen’s (or tween’s) “emotional love tank.”  The security our love provides them enables our adolescents to be resilient in the face of negative cultural pressures.

Best books for teen/tween leaders to read

Want Your Teen or Tween to Be Successful?  Provide Helpful Nonfiction Books!

Is your teen a leader? Do you want to impart wisdom without lecturing? Consider these nonfiction books for teen leaders, thinkers, and do-ers!

Conscious Discipline for Teens and Tweens

How my Parenting Changed with Conscious Discipline

Conscious Discipline is written for teachers. However, this book is useful for parents to learn about the developing brain and how social skills must be directly taught.  It isn’t easy to apply to parenting teens and tweens, but Conscious Discipline may change your relationship with your child!

Create Boundaries for Your Teen/Preteen with Empathy, Truth, and Consequences

Create Boundaries for Your Teen/Tween with Empathy, Truth, and Consequences

The book, Boundaries with Teens, teaches how to balance grace and truth in our parenting.  Learn how to create strong boundaries and consequences while maintaining your empathetic connection with your tween or teen!

A Review of the "Graduate Survival Guide's" financial principles for teens in college

Give a Life-Changing Gift: The Graduate Survival Guide

Want to give a graduate you know a life-changing gift? Give the book, The Graduate Survival Guide: 5 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make in College! Help a teen avoid debt, learn to budget, and consider the “opportunity costs” of choices.