Parents, let’s raise healthy, independent adolescents to become young adults who contribute to society!  Many of these life skills focus on relationships and financial skills.  Please see these financial education tips and businesses ideas for teens/tweens.  For relational and other life skills, please continue reading!

Does your child struggle with mean teens/tweens? Develop your teen’s ability to confront others from a position of strength and walk away on his own terms!

How to Cope with Mean Teens (or Tweens)!

It’s hard work for a thoughtful parent, but conflict resolution can be taught to teens and tweens. Try these seven strategies to relieve conflict between siblings!  The ideas are simple, but they are not easy!

Sibling Conflict:  A Conflict Resolution Guide

Does your teen/tween struggle with self-esteem? Rather than use empty praise or prizes, learn tips to develop self-esteem the RIGHT way!  Self-esteem = competence + competence

Help Your Teen/Tween Develop Self-Esteem the RIGHT Way!

Effectively connect with your teen or tween through a relationship of love and respect. These ideas go beyond a simple checklist of things to do together. Pursue the heart of your adolescent!  The ability to form a connection to others is important to lead a healthy life.

How to Connect with Your Teen or Tween Effectively

Want to make traveling with teens/tweens more fun? Read these 9 tips, including our “code” to cure grouchiness and how we embrace technology when we travel.  Ultimately, it is about relationship, respect, and negotiation.  These concepts are important life skills!

How to Make Travel with Teens/Tweens the Best of Times!