Parents, children of character do not happen by accident.  It is our responsibility for developing character in our teens and tweens.  We cannot expect coaches, teachers, youth leaders, etc. to do the hard work for us!

The most powerful teaching tool is your example!  And parents, not one of us is perfect.  We are imperfect people parenting imperfect people.  However, we can admit when we make mistakes.  And, we can continue in our attempts to do better.

9 Effective Ways to Help Your Teen/Tween Be More Respectful

Brain development, increasing independence, lack of quality sleep/food, stress, low self-esteem, and simple ignorance all contribute to disrespectful behavior.  Create a family culture of respect as you allow your teen/tween to earn freedom and disagree respectfully.

Help Your Teen or Tween Develop Self-Esteem the RIGHT Way

Self-esteem = Confidence + Competence.  Create a growth mindset to help your adolescent overcome challenges to their limiting beliefs about themselves.

Give Your Teen or Tween the Empathy Advantage

Parents, you can be part of the solution to end bullying, selfishness, and narcissism!  Let’s raise teens and tweens who understand others and benefit our society.  And, our children benefit thanks to the “Empathy Advantage.”

Cultivating Contentment

Avoid entitlement in your teen/tween by cultivating contentment. Check out these 6 tips for guiding adolescents towards contentment.

11 TED Talks that Will Improve Your Teen/Tween’s Character

How do you teach your teen or tween the importance of character and life skills without lecturing? Try these 11 TED talks to turn lectures into discussions!

8 Tips to Motivate Your Teen to Work

Motivate your teen or tween to contribute to the family and community with these tips, even if it requires exertion, inconvenience, or discomfort!