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Hi, I’m Ashley!

I’m an imperfect mother.  Flawed wife.  Servant-hearted Christ follower.  Encouraging teacher.  Lifelong learner.  Recovering introvert.  Chocolate lover.  And scaredy-cat “adventurer.”  Parenting is by far my greatest adventure of all!

My heart is for parents during this confusing, rewarding, hilarious, and terrifying stage of life with teens and tweens in the home.  The goal is for Navigating the Years to be a place where parents with a growth mindset support and encourage each other.  Together, we seek solutions to raising teens and preteens with character and practical life skills.  And, maybe, just maybe, we can send off young adults who

So, please join us as we navigate the skills for life!

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How to Create Boundaries for Your Teen or Preteen

“My prefrontal cortex is famously huge!” joked The Man at dinner.  Why were we talking about the prefrontal cortex at dinner?  Because I read Boundaries with Teens:  When to Say Yes, How to Say No by Dr. John Townsend.  (And we may have just watched Guardians of the...

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How to Teach Siblings to Resolve Conflict

Are your children in frequent conflict?  Do they annoy each other? Argue over who's turn it is to do a job?  Do you long for peace in your home? As our children get older, feelings intensify and forgiveness is more difficult.  Part of this is due to the...

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Books for Parents, Teens, and Tweens

As thoughtful parents of teens and tweens, we read books on brain development and psychology to inform our parenting. We also encourage our teens and preteens to read helpful books to develop themselves.    After all, we strive to be life-long learners!...

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Start Powerful Technology Discussions with Your Teen/Tween

In Part One and Part Two of Teens, Tweens, and Technology:  The Rules Change.  Principles Stay the Same, I state, “Please keep in mind that we should have a dialogue over time in regards to technology. One discussion does not make an education complete!”   Parents,...

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